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1 Mar 2017

My operating system

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“Integrated talent management” as a business model

The need for an integrated approach to talent management is on the rise. We are moving away from developing stand alone models and frameworks towards designing end to end implementation tools covering every aspect of talent management.

The Integrated talent management approach or ITM has been on every CEO’s strategic focus area for over a decade now. But is this having the desired impact?

Many HR divisions and organizations still continue to see talent management as broken pieces of a jig saw puzzle from which we pick and choose a part of the puzzle ! when faced with an issue . And there fundamentally IS the core issue. We never put the puzzle in together. This beautiful web of tools, models, framework for stages of individual development and guidelines for performance management is so well defined that when utilised in its entirety it addresses all of these : managing self , managing ones business performance & environment and managing ones team .

So the critical 3: Organisation, Team and Individual is well integrated and aligned.

The continuing challenge however is that it is seen as a quick fix tool box where one thing is plugged when a problem arises and the next and the next, without a thought that these are individuals we are dealing with and not tasks.Talent management is as much about business & as it is about performance with consistent progress towards a culture continuous improvement.

It is what we should refer to as the ” Business operating system” providing a structure for each individual and organization to channelise ones’ work processes, leadership development initiatives and organization development parameters towards achieving ones own goals and the organizations goals

The conflict in developing and readying talent to meet the future goals of organizations will no longer then be an issue, as adopting an ITM builds the habit of self development as a core for every organization and every individual . It becomes internalised so compellingly that one would not need to be reminded, rather , one would begin to adapt to the varying progressive stages of development as a continuous and seamless process.

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